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  1. wigan88

    Manchester - Real 2003

    FIFA World Cup 2018, Round of 16: Croatia vs. Denmark [2000 kbps], 7-01-2018, courtesy of ITV. Links below: 1st Half: 2nd Half: Extra Time and/or Penalties, if needed: HERE Enjoy Everyone!!! Wigan
  2. and i would just like to :merci: you

  3. and tweet/post aasl on yur fking mohafking page

  4. read my shit (since u came back 2 hours ago) u bitchy love... :kiss:

  5. Im gonna find the shit (Carabao Cup, 3rd Round Arsenal-Doncaster) by mysa no need to answer, but at least you can read the shit Im writing on your page. Know ur not a big Comenter (talker?) but at Least read this, no choice. Thanks for other posts. :thumbsup::bien: dearly thank you for that. :wink: Thanks. Goodnight again, bye boy.

    1. The Arsenal Way

      The Arsenal Way





  6. hello( read it please(at least that))

    Why did not you post Arsenal but only Highlights ? Goodnight


    1. The Arsenal Way

      The Arsenal Way

      knowu can't receive messages butatleastplease read my texts

  7. L<3ve babe, luv u...

    thks :thumbsup: :D 

  8. wigan88

    Los Angeles Galaxy

    FIFA World Cup 2018 Group Stages, Group G: England vs. Belgium [1800 kbps], 6-28-2018, courtesy of ITV. Links below: 1st Half: 2nd Half: Enjoy Everyone!!! Wigan
  9. wigan88

    Union De Philadelphie

    EPL: Chelsea vs. Burnley [2400 kbps], 8-12-2017, courtesy of NBC Sports Network. Links below: 1st Half: 2nd Half: Enjoy Everyone !!! Wigan