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Axl Rose 30

PES6 patch stonecold 2016 2017

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Test en video / Gaming Live PES6 du Patch Stonecold 2016-17 en francais - 30 minutes de decryptage sur la jouabilité et les nouveautés du patch cette année

* full PREMIER LEAGUE season 2016-17
* Best European clubs and champions league 2017
* Historic clubs and nations classics from the 90s
* exclusive new crowd chants recorded from youtube
* exclusive new scoreboards in-match (skysports,classic world cups ...)
* graphic patch from stegra with skin and crowd textures 2048pxls
* updated Nations from Euro 2016
* Chants for all premier league and best european teams
* Flags/Banners for Premier league and all other teams
* Stats updated after euro 16
* Gameplay with excellent tactical response from AI from last patchs stonecold
* New kits season 2016 2017
* Entrance players Premier league official and champions league
* new speaker/ambiance/chants and music menus
*new kits referees adidas ( classic and 2016)
*new menus backgrounds for all competitions with new quality HD
*+220 balls , + 2380 faces/hairs + 230 boots
* use classic teams to re-play new competitions and world cups from 90's
* master league can be set from zero with any clubs with options.


SONG LIST Menus in-game
Drake - Alive * Kungs - Don't you know * This girl David Guetta/Zara Larsson - Hugel & Jasmine Thompson – Where We Belong * Rolling stones - You got me startin' Bob Sinclar - someone who needs me * Justin Timberlake - Reality * MHD champions league * Shakira Black M - chantaje * Kaiser chef - Ruby * Ed sheeran * Madonna like a prayer * the week end starboy * Gala Freed from desire and more ...


Downloads links :

OPMOV 16-17 :

PES6.exe :

O_sound  :

O_text  :


Menus  :








KITSERVER 04/2017 new :

Option file V5  04/207:




1*Remplacer les anciens fichiers PES6.exe , F_text , O_text et O_sound par les nouveaux
2*Mettre le fichier option du patch
3* dezipper le kitserver le mettre a coté du PES6.exe du jeu

( gardez les stades que vous aviez deja et placez les dans le dossier stadiums du nouveau kitserver)

TUTORIAL english :

1* replace old files from DAT folder by the new downloaded files from the patch , and including new PES6.exe too .
2* replace new option file in DOcuments/settings/konam/save/folder1
3* unzipp the Kitserver downloaded and put it next to your pes6.exe in the main folder of your game directory.
(there are no stadiums in this new kitserver , so keep your downloaded stadiums and put them in the empty new STADIUMS folder )
4*Start the game and enjoy the magic !


MENUS backgrounds/sounds musics /chants
added and created by stonecold
BANNERS by LeeST, baba_a, Marinho, Cuervo, Edwin
SCOREBOARDS created by stonecold
balls and boots by Skills_Rooney, Hayate, luxusor,
,nabo, snake_li, schweinstieger31, moramed, nguyenanhtuan_mu, VARK, reddaum, Alexines, sauce, chacal
thanks to juce & robbie kitserver
option file players : stonecold
kits : special thanks to DIBU ; classic kits by SPEC/eppalan ,edisson96,WindosOP, Jailson, arip, El Chimbinha,eteliosormani,leo21,danieljuve, Daoo, jorm, Shardo, gerardo6191, VillaPilla, ayoking, Lejzi, Goran, gabriel_timao, Szenowski, Zlatan85, boro, sebinho, nabo78, plk, sahsouh, Mikue, ElToY, *aLe, Claxdinho, t1ma, JuanZinho, Lucas, Argy, chmiel13, Ema, Odiney, Sambozic, Agus, Marianoarrana, Era, dj90
MAPS and TEAM LIST by stonecold










Si vous le souhaitez vous pouvez faire un don via PAYPAL pour remercier notre travail et soutenir le patch 2016-17 :
IF you want you can support our patchs via Paypal




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